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What our customers say about us

"I had the pleasure of contracting with New World Estate Sales for my recent large farm and homestead sale. Corey Myers, the owner of New World, worked for weeks to help sort, organize, and tag the items. My property consists of a homestead, barn, and multiple storage buildings. All spaces were brimming with items that he had to sort and ready for this three day sale. His extensive social contacts by websites and advertising brought customers from many states to our sale. Approximately 50 people were waiting prior to opening time to enter on the first day of sales. The customers easily paid for their purchases because his staff was efficient and helpful. I recommend him to help with your estate sale needs."


~Sandra R. Williams



"After my parents could no longer live in their home, my brother and I faced the arduous task of downsizing the estate. We discovered that like many people born in the depression, my parents saved EVERYTHING. Also, my dad liked gardening and tinkering in his workshop, and managed to collect just every tool known to man, plus a few he invented himself. We knew we had a monumental task ahead of us, but after starting to work with Corey, our fears were greatly allayed. Corey spent weeks reorganizing the house, workshop, and various sheds. He used his considerable knowledge of antiques and vintage items, farming equipment, classic cars, and even coins to stage and execute and incredibly successful estate sale. He and his staff found dozens of items in the house that my brother and I didn't even know existed, including hidden cash which he could have easily kept without us knowing. Even after the sale, Corey arranged for additional buyers and charities to benefit from miscellaneous items that were still available after the sale. We highly recommend New World Estate Sales."


~Steve Shoaf



"My realtor highly recommended New World Estate Sales and Corey Myers to me. When you have an overwhelming task of downsizing or settling parents' estates, I highly recommend looking no further than this extraordinary, professional company. Corey will exceed your expectations with his expert knowledge, endless energy (house had 3 stuffed floors), organization skills, meticulous research and photo shots of all items, connections to community, and social outlets. There were no doubts this sale would be a huge success, and it was. Thank you for all you did and kudos to your professional team as well."


~Karen B.



"I worked with New World Estate Sales to handle my father's NC estate from out of state. I can't recommend Corey Myers highly enough. My experience with New World exceeded all expectations. Super smart, diligent, patient, and a creative problem solver and diplomat, Corey exceeds all expectations proving himself to be a trusted estate partner who delivers excellent service. The care and thoroughness of his evaluation of and presentation of estate items, as well his robust loyal buyer following and his ability to cultivate new audiences makes New World Estate Sales an extraordinary service company."


~Judith Turner-Yamamoto




"When faced with this task, overwhelmed and need an expert's guidance, style, compassion and energy, I highly recommend this company and its honest, professional owner, Corey Myers! Thank you for all you did guiding and motivating us through our massive undertaking!!"


~Mitzi Gurkin



"We had less than a month to clear out the house which was packed with items of sentimental value, as well as valuable and valueless pieces dating back through a 62-year marriage and beyond. We hired Corey and New World Estate Sales amid concerns about whether the sale would do justice to our parents' treasures. A few weeks later we couldn't thank them enough. Corey is experienced and knowledgeable. He carefully assessed, researched and priced everything, and meticulously organized it all and presented creatively with an eye to marketing. They ran the sale a full day longer than other companies had offered (allowing more time to sell things at full price), and plenty of people showed up each day. Not only did he get us value from the sale, but he respected our wishes and behaved with the utmost cordiality and integrity throughout. Even after the sale was over, he helped us sell some valuables that did not go during the actual sale. We couldn't have asked for anything better and I highly recommend New World Estate Sales!"


~Lynne C. Rathgeber



"We were faced with the daunting task of sorting through, organizing, and determining pricing for over 60 years of family treasures and collections spread out over the family home place, log cabin, workshop, and outbuilding. We had no idea where to begin. What a blessing Corey Myers and his team were to our family! With great care and respect, Corey and the New World Estate Sales staff spent tireless hours, over many weeks, sorting, cleaning, organizing, and staging thousands of antique tools, farm implements, antique glass, and more for our four day sale. Corey kept in close contact with our family and updated us as he progressed through the myriad of items. At the sale, we were totally blown away by the number of people in attendance and how quickly and professionally Corey and his staff handled all the transactions. Corey even made arrangements with several people after the sale to go in and make additional purchases. We were especially touched by how honest and personable Corey is. During the entire process, it felt like we were dealing with a close friend or family member. We would absolutely recommend Corey and his team to handle your estate sale. You will be as amazed as we were!"


~Rick Chilton



"New World Estate Sales...Knowledgeable, Organized, Compassionate, and Thorough! These four words define the service you will receive from the professional team at New World Estate Sales. In our early stages of planning the estate sale, Corey explicitly explained each step of the process. As he explained the process, our family immediately recognized that he had many years of experience and had researched the "psychology" behind estate sales. For example, the signs he uses for advertising the sale are large yellow signs with black writing. These signs are easily seen from a far distance. The jewelry cases he offers display the jewelry in an eloquent manner much like in a high-end jewelry store. During the sale, he is constantly walking around interacting with the customers and engaging in conversations that lead to customers purchasing an item of their choice.


The organizational skills demonstrated by New World Estate Sales was another key factor in our decision. You will not find items thrown into a pile at New World Estate Sales. Each item will be displayed in a fashion that entices the consumer. Furthermore, each item will be priced. Yes, down to the smallest item! Corey and his team specialize in packed estates. Corey posted over eleven hundred pictures online. The pictures online begin to generate an interest in your sale. In our case, we had consumers contacting Corey about items before the sale started. Over eleven hundred items were displayed in our house in an organized style. 


Corey consistently communicates with the client throughout each step of the process. Throughout the process, our family would receive text messages with information concerning the pace of the sale. Also, Corey uses multiple social media sites to inform the community about the sale. These sites generate a large group of followers. This, in turn, produces a very successful estate sale. 


Corey and his team will take the anxiety, pressure, and burden of the process off you and make this a very successful experience."


~Tammy Laws



My husband and I found ourselves moving across the country with little forewarning. We were living on twenty acres of land with not only household goods but farming equipment. We were moving to a 55+ community with a zero lot line home. Corey and his team were wonderful. They prepared for the sale while we were still living in the house AND conducted the sale while we were living in the house. They were organized, considerate, fair, and a delight to work with. They worked efficiently and quickly. They were sensitive to our feelings and Corey was candid and realistic about the value of what we were selling. I never doubted his honesty or ethics. After the sale, Corey worked with us to sell left over items within his own network of buyers. He and his team came back and cleaned up and helped us send things to a charity thrift store. It is not possible to say how much all their efforts meant to us at a very stressful point in our lives. We would recommend New World Estate Sales without hesitation. If you are considering an auction, consider consulting with Corey about an estate sale before making a decision.


~Margaret and Talmage McMinn



We met with Corey to discuss our upcoming move to South Carolina, and with all of the downsizing, we needed a company that could sell a lot of furniture, artwork, and miscellaneous items. Corey was very knowledgeable and honest with his assessment of our situation, so we agreed to have him conduct our estate sale. He and his crew worked very hard to set things up, especially all of the great pictures Corey took for the estate sale websites, probably the biggest reason for our successful sale. He certainly exceeded all of our expectations. Prior to the sale, when we would talk with anyone that has dealt with Corey and New World Estate Sales, they said that he and his team are the best. Overall, it was a great experience. A big thank you to Corey and his staff. 


~Tim and Evelyn Dapra


Selling a family estate can be overwhelming, especially when it happens to be out of state. Our home in Greensboro had 30+ years of projects, collectibles, vintage items, antiques, tools, and furniture that needed attending to before selling. We had the pleasure of meeting Corey Myers, owner of New World Estate Sales; he took the time to meet with us and explain the entire estate sale process. From organizing, staging, and displaying each item to pricing, photos, and creating online advertising/social media marketing. He and his staff handled it all. Corey is very friendly and personable. We appreciated his knowledge of old and new treasures, his work ethic and organization, and his open communication throughout the entire process. He was also willing to work with our realtor around showings and help check on our property when we were not able to be there. After the sale was complete, Corey helped us sell additional items and put us in contact with a great charity for the unsold items, which would go to help others in need. We thank Corey and his staff for their dedicated work and highly recommend New World Estate Sales for all downsizing and estate sale needs.


~Kim C




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