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About Estate Sales

At New World Estate Sales, we conduct on-site/in-home estate sales and liquidation services in Central North Carolina and beyond. Our consultations are always free and confidential. 


After you contact us, we will set up a time and date at your convenience for a personal consultation. This allows us to learn more about your specific needs as a client and preview your estate. 


Should you choose to use our services, we will fully explain our contract before you sign and answer any questions that you may have. 


Once a contract is signed, we begin working immediately on the agreed upon start date. Our team will organize and stage the entire home, if needed. Additionally, we will clean, dust, sweep, vacuum, declutter, and remove any trash if needed to enhance the appearance of the estate. 


After the home is completely staged, we take professional style photos of the contents of the estate. We take pride in our photos; quality pictures attract buyers. We routinely recieve compliments from our customers on our detail oriented photos. We typically take hundreds of pictures for an estate (well over a thousand for larger homes), and then we meticulously choose only the best ones to post online.


Once the photographs are taken and the final selections are made, we will then create all of the online ads. We upload all of the information about your estate as quickly as possible to generate excitement and give the public ample time to mark their calendars for your sale. We advertise on,, facebook, craigslist, our website, and any other local outlets specific to your region. 


We then evaluate, appraise, and price the contents of the estate. Our team has 20+ years of experience in pricing and marketing. We continually follow current market trends and perform all research needed to better serve you. If you have any unique high-end or luxury items that would sell for significantly more on a national or global level, we will find the right platform. We have built a strong network of buyers and contacts.


We often hear about other companies who were hired to conduct an estate sale, and due to insufficient knowledge or complacency, sold everything at yard sale prices. Often, we deal with very full estates that took a lifetime to amass, and we do not see the benefit in undervalueing the contents just for the sake of selling everything on the first day, for pennies on the dollar. We wholeheartedly believe that there lies a balance between client and buyers, where everyone is happy. 


We place price tags with descriptions on the majority of the contents of the estate. On larger and higher ticket items, we use more prominent tags. We only use stickers or quote on the low dollar amount odds and ends. Jewelry, coins, and small luxury items are placed in attractive display cases and are securely kept on our pay tables. 


Our sales typically run for 3 days beginning on a Friday and ending on a Sunday. In some cases, the duration may be longer or shorter depending on the circumstances. Aside from the online advertisements, we only use professionally designed signage to allure local traffic that may have not known about the sale. We do not use hand drawn signs to advertise.


On the first day of the sale, we aim to remain true to the prices on the tags. However, if a buyer is spending a lot of money, we feel it is better to offer a small discount rather than lose a potentially large sale altogether. In our experience, it is advantageous to offer some flexibility on the first day; it encourages higher sales volumes and repeat business on the subsequent days of the sale. We offer percentage based discounts on the second and third days of the sale. 


At the terminus of the sale, there are usually some remaining contents of the home that did not sell; this is normal. However, the best and most valuable items typically have sold. We generally have a charity (of your choice) scheduled to pick up what has not sold the following day, which affords you a tax deduction. All aspects associated with the finality of the sale are discussed with you prior to the sale, and we honor whatever path and schedule you wish to take at the end. Immediately thereafter, we will complete the bookkeeping and send you the final proceeds.


Throughout this entire process, we handle every aspect of the estate sale from beginning to finish to alleviate all of the stress from you. Often, we meet families that are dealing with an extremely vexing and emotional period in their lives. They are confronted with difficult and sometimes unexpected situations and decisions to make that leave them feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to begin. Hiring a professional company can ease this burden greatly. New World Estate Sales welcomes the opportunity to assist you along the way. Please, do not hestitate to contact us. Even if you just need professional advice about how to handle your unique situation, we are available to help.








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