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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do I need to do prior to hiring New World Estate Sales?


A: Absoultely nothing! We handle every aspect of the sale from beginning to finish. We encourage our clients to not dispose of or donate any items that they regard as worthless or of minimal value. There are buyers for virtually everything! Often, we see that a family has thrown out old clothing, health and beauty products, rusty tools and metal from a shed or garage, etc. These are all items that some buyers seek. We will do our best to sell everything at our estate sales. We always stress that the small items add up, making it beneficial for you and us.


Q: What if I do not have a lot of antiques or vintage items? Can I still have an estate sale?


A: Yes! This is a quite common misconception. Estate sales attract buyers near and far with varied preferences. We host sales that have very few or no antiques and vintage items, and they are just as successful as a house filled with them. There is a market for everything, from antique to modern. Never hesitate to contact us for a professional opinion on the contents of your home or business. And remember, our consultations are always free and confidential. 


Q: Can I keep items from the estate?


A: Of Course! We would never try to dissuade you from keeping items from your estate that may have sentimental value or something that you just wish to have. Furthermore, we are very thorough and meticulous during our staging process, and if we encounter anything that we believe is of a personal nature, we will put it aside and contact you. And, if we find anything that is confidential, such as bank statements, credit cards, checks, etc, we always exclude them from the sale. 


Q: Are there any fees other than your commission?


A: No. There are no out-of-pocket fees for you. We assume all responsibility for the expenses associated with conducting your estate sale. We only take a commission from the sales that we generate at the very end. 


Q: What is your commission?


A: We offer competitive commission rates. We will first need to take a brief tour of your property to determine the commission bracket. We see many different types of estates, and they tend to vary greatly in size and scope. 

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